Individual Counseling

The approaches within individual counseling vary based on the needs and goals of the person seeking treatment. Traditional psychotherapy often begins with talking about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors related to the challenges you face today. An important key to growth and change involves vulnerability and connection with others. At Taking Root Counseling, we believe that human beings heal in the context of relationship. We are honored to work with each of our clients and hope to create a space where you feel heard, valued, and accepted. No matter what you face, you are someone worthy of love and belonging.

As professionally trained clinicians, we offer a variety of approaches to help you reach your goals. While we may offer our training and expertise, we also recognize you are the expert of you. Throughout the process of counseling, your therapist will collaborate with you to choose the approaches that are best for you. We will never tell you what to do but will instead walk with you in your journey of healing and living a deeply rooted life.