Grief Counseling

Living includes facing the reality of loss – the death of loved one, the end of a significant relationship, or the loss of a job. While we may know this fact intellectually, many of us will feel ill-equipped to deal with the pain associated with loss. The grief process is unique to each person with no specific time limit. In grief counseling, we will help you to understand what normal grief looks like, provide tools for working through the pain of grief, and offer support as you begin to take steps toward acceptance and moving on. Individuals may choose to seek grief counseling for a variety of reasons including:

  • death of a parent, spouse, partner, child or friend
  • divorce or the end of a significant relationship
  • miscarriage and/or the challenges of infertility
  • loss of a job or retirement
  • death of a pet
  • significant changes due to a serious illness or accident
  • major transitions due to moving
  • loss of financial stability

At Taking Root Counseling, we want to walk alongside you in your journey of grief. The goal is not to fix or cure you. Instead, we seek to be with you in your pain.