Depression & Anxiety

Anxiety is the mind and body's natural reaction to stressful, dangerous, or unfamiliar situations. It's the sense of uneasiness, distress, or dread you feel before a significant event. A certain level of anxiety helps us stay alert and aware, but for many people the worry and fear are out of proportion to the events occurring in the present moment. Our bodies appear to be "stuck on" with a level of arousal that is too much for the situation.

Signs of anxiety may include:

  • restlessness and a feeling of being "on-edge"
  • uncontrollable feelings of worry
  • increased irritability
  • difficulty in staying focused
  • sleep difficulties, such as problems in falling or staying asleep
  • physical symptoms including difficulty breathing, increase heart rate, headaches, muscle tension and stomach pain
  • feeling overwhelmed and an inability to make decisions
  • specific fears or phobias

If anxiety is a heightened perception of a threat, depression functions on the opposite end of the continuum. When a person is depressed, the body "shuts down", leaving a person to feel intense sadness, disconnection, and hopelessness. To feel sad is to be human, but when that sadness keeps you from living your life, it may be an indication of depression.

Signs of depression may include:

  • feeling tired or lacking energy
  • difficulty in remembering details and making decisions
  • loss of interest in activities
  • feelings of worthlessness and shame
  • sleep difficulties, such as problems in falling or staying asleep
  • feelings of disconnection or numbness
  • increased irritability and restlessness
  • thoughts of suicide and death

Anxiety and depression have a complicated relationship. People who are depressed often feel anxious and worried. One can easily trigger the other, and change is possible. Whether occurring separately or together, the therapists of Taking Root Counseling will work with you to create a plan to effectively cope with the symptoms and address the underlying issues that cause anxiety and depression.